My Money Story

My earliest memory of money revolves around my mother repeatedly telling me to save my money.  I did as she asked because, as with most small children, what your mother tells you is just true.  You don’t question what she tells you.

During most of my childhood I kept saving.  My mother was so proud of me.  She called me her little saver.  At some point it was time to spend some of the money.  I didn’t want to spend it.  I refused.  After all, mom said to save it so I struggled to let go.

After a couple of these episodes my mother encouraged me to spend the money.  She said there was no point in saving it if I never was going to spend it.  So I did what I was told.  I spent it.

It’s probably obvious to you now that I grew up quite conflicted about money.  Save it or spend it?  I could see why it was good to spend it but why save it? We never spoke about why I should save.

This back and forth behavior continued until my early twenties.  I took a job that kept me traveling with a group of colleagues early in my career.  My colleagues were men in their forties while I was a twenty year old female.  Conversations were frequent about money, investments and retirement and piqued my interest.  I decided at that point that I needed to learn about money.  After all I had nothing to contribute to the conversation without learning about it.  Those colleagues did me the biggest favor by having those conversations and getting me interested in the topic.

Fast forward to today and I am a CPA working in private industry as a Finance Director. Along the way I have learned the practical aspects of money: budgeting, saving, insurance, planning, investing and most importantly, putting my history in front of me and accepting how it affects who I am and how I do things today.

My goal with this blog is to share what I have learned with those of you who want to make changes to help improve your money knowledge and put that knowledge into action.

No matter how much knowledge you have, each of us is on a journey in life, including a financial journey.  Money touches everything in our lives so how can we not want to improve how we manage it?

I started with my beginning since that shaped how I view money.  How did you first learn about money?  What is your money story?







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